Glass Etching a Mirror

Personalizing a mirror is not only fun but beautiful. You can go big or small all the way down to a compact mirror or tile. It can have a favorite quote, image that makes you happy, or a daily reminder. The sky is the limit. Make a border or a few small images along the side or make it big and impressive sure to catch everyone’s eye who passes by.

Creating Custom Seat Belt Cover

I love custom seat belt covers for a variety of reasons from making a statement to being pretty to serving a purpose. I, personally, need a seat belt cover because regardless of the seat belt height, it cuts into my clavicle and causes pain. Another functional reason for the seat belt cover is to alert first responders in the event of an accident. If you or your child have medical allergies, conditions, or sensory issues, this can help them respond appropriately.

Heat Presses

Heat Presses... There are a lot of options like timer, temperature, size, pressure, and such. But the single biggest decision is based on what style: Clam Shell or Swing Away. The clam shell is a very popular one because it's compact. The swing away is great because you can press more items of various shapes, … Continue reading Heat Presses

How To Make a Canvas Using Vinyl 

I wanted to make something for a friend to remind her of our friendship now that she's moving back home. So I began to brainstorm. After tossing around several ideas, I knew I wanted to make a canvas. During the design phase, I had to make sure it fit on the canvas, 16x20 inches, with … Continue reading How To Make a Canvas Using Vinyl 

Applying Adhesive Vinyl Layers

Alright. You've got your adhesive vinyl layers with layering markers cut, weeded, and ready to apply. How do you line up everything? One layer at a time. With adhesive vinyl, we work from top to bottom. With HTV, we work bottom to top. Cut transfer tape large enough to cover your whole design including layering … Continue reading Applying Adhesive Vinyl Layers