Keyboard Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio

Now, you may see this title and think, "I'm not really a keyboard shortcut kind of person." I will tell you that even if you use one or two, you'll be saving yourself tons of time and effort. So I highly encourage you to take a look at this list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts and find one or two to try for a while. You may discover you've been missing out on a quick and easy thing this whole time! Personally, I can't imagine life without keyboard shortcuts after using them.

Samples and Mockups the Easy Way

We've all been there. What will these colors, designs, and such look like on the finished product? How can I get that visual? How can I show my customer without actually completing a real project? I don't want to waste supplies and time when they may not even like it. I need an efficient way to show my work. Hmmm...

Silhouette Studio & CAMEO Training for Beginners

If you are new or don't have much experience with Silhouette Studio or your CAMEO, then come join me for 3 hours of training with an unbeatable price. Facebook Event: Getting Started Like a Pro using Silhouette Studio & the CAMEO See the Event Discussion for discounts. Register Here: Early Bird Registration: $10 through … Continue reading Silhouette Studio & CAMEO Training for Beginners

Your Work Space

Let's talk about your work space. Is everything set up the way you like it? Do you know what your options are? For starters, let's take a look at the View menu. There's Zoom and Rotate Page. Then, you'll see Show Grid, Show Rulers, and Show Crosshairs. This is where you can quickly turn on … Continue reading Your Work Space