Silhouette Studio & CAMEO Training for Beginners

If you are new or don't have much experience with Silhouette Studio or your CAMEO, then come join me for 3 hours of training with an unbeatable price. Facebook Event: Getting Started Like a Pro using Silhouette Studio & the CAMEO See the Event Discussion for discounts. Register Here: Early Bird Registration: $10 through … Continue reading Silhouette Studio & CAMEO Training for Beginners

Glass Etching a Mirror

Personalizing a mirror is not only fun but beautiful. You can go big or small all the way down to a compact mirror or tile. It can have a favorite quote, image that makes you happy, or a daily reminder. The sky is the limit. Make a border or a few small images along the side or make it big and impressive sure to catch everyone’s eye who passes by.

Creating Custom Seat Belt Cover

I love custom seat belt covers for a variety of reasons from making a statement to being pretty to serving a purpose. I, personally, need a seat belt cover because regardless of the seat belt height, it cuts into my clavicle and causes pain. Another functional reason for the seat belt cover is to alert first responders in the event of an accident. If you or your child have medical allergies, conditions, or sensory issues, this can help them respond appropriately.