Amazon Prime Day Deals!

Who doesn't love to save on supplies you need regardless if it's now or later? I'm listing some of my favorite supplies with great deals for Prime Day that starts this evening at 8:00 Central Time and continues through July 11th. I hope you find them helpful. Comment below with your favorite item. If you … Continue reading Amazon Prime Day Deals!

Silhouette CAMEO Supplies, Tools, & Equipment

Whether you've had your CAMEO for a day or a year, supplies and equipment can feel overwhelming at times. You'll find much variety in prices, quality, and service, and even availability. I want to warn you, though, that deals sounding too good to be true usually are. Plus, brand really does make a difference, especially … Continue reading Silhouette CAMEO Supplies, Tools, & Equipment

Keyboard Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio

Now, you may see this title and think, "I'm not really a keyboard shortcut kind of person." I will tell you that even if you use one or two, you'll be saving yourself tons of time and effort. So I highly encourage you to take a look at this list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts and find one or two to try for a while. You may discover you've been missing out on a quick and easy thing this whole time! Personally, I can't imagine life without keyboard shortcuts after using them.

Sound Business Advice for Entrepreneurs 

While the analogy isn’t something I know anything about, so I appreciated the translation, I like the advice. It’s sound. It's basic and to the point and covers a lot of different business aspects. Plus, it can be applied to many types of business. What sort of advice do you have to add to this … Continue reading Sound Business Advice for Entrepreneurs 

CAMEO 3 Deal Alert

To date, this is THE BEST CAMEO 3 price you'll find. Hurry before it sells out! It's only $199 and includes vinyl, sketch pens, 2 mats, one AutoBlade, and the crosscutter. Whether it's your first, second, or even third CAMEO, you can't beat that price for a CAMEO 3. Head over to now. Be … Continue reading CAMEO 3 Deal Alert

Leader Ready and Branding with Name Badges

Whether you're hosting an event or meeting customers, it's always nice to look professional. Something you can do anytime to support your brand is wear a name badge. It's great for customers and guests to put a name, face, and business together so they're more likely to remember you and your business.