PixScan Mat Camera Calibration

Using a PixScan mat can be so advantageous, but sometimes completing that camera calibration can be frustrating. Camera calibration can be tricky and for unknown reasons. Let’s work together to solve the camera calibration mysteries including creating a library of successful test cards from many different camera types.

Why Calibrate my Camera

For precise cutting each and every time using the PixScan mat, you want to calibrate your camera, otherwise your cut lines may not be exactly where you want them, which sometimes can mess up your entire design.

Calibrating the Camera

Upon opening a PixScan image from the File menu and then clicking Open PixScan image, you may get a calibration message.

  1. Under Camera Calibration, click Show Calibration Test Card.
  2. Send it to your printer.
  3. Take a photo of it but be sure there are no shadows or edges showing, just the dots, in good lighting.
  4. Send actual resolution of the photo to yourself via email.
  5. In Studio from the PixScan options under Camera Calibration, click + and select and open the file.
  6. Then your camera is calibrated and is listed under Camera Calibration.

No more message and excellent alignment when you cut!

Camera Calibration Troubleshooting

In the event you still got an error message, here are some tips for getting a better image and avoiding errors:

  • Ensure you have excellent lighting either indoors or natural.
  • If natural, indirect sunlight is best.
  • Ensure no shadows are in your photo.
  • Ensure your photo is fully focused. Unstable photo can be slightly blurry.
  • Ensure you capture the dots but not the edge of the page. The number of dots does not matter.
  • While angle is not supposed to matter, taking the photo more straight forward can lend to a better outcome, just make sure do so without shadow.
  • When you send the photo to yourself via email, USB, etc., send Actual Size, not a smaller file size.
  • If you use Gmail to email, be aware that it may strip the EXIF data from the photo of dots, which can cause problems.
  • If you back up to iCloud instead of using email, it may take a full day before it is available to use.
  • If your camera allows for multiple resolution outputs, you must calibrate for each resolution you use.
  • Your print quality located in Printer Properties should be set to Normal. If that does not work, try Best.
  • If someone you know has a test card (page of dots) photo that worked for their calibration and is the same camera as yours, you can use their photo to import and calibrate. My test card is posted in my VIP Club and here. This test card is for calibrating an iPhone 6S camera. (I’m collecting your successful test cards to help others. See below.)

Test Cards for Various Cameras

I would like to gather your successful test cards from your cameras. If I can build a library of test cards for many of the cameras on the market, we can save people lots of time and headaches. Please submit your successful test cards to CutFiles4U@yahoo.com. Please include the exact type of camera you calibrated and an actual size file of your test card attached. Let’s make this easy for everyone!

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Note: I am using Silhouette Studio Business Edition. Therefore, small differences may occur when displaying options, details, and some functionality within Silhouette Studio.

Have a great and successful day!


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4 thoughts on “PixScan Mat Camera Calibration

  1. ringaner says:

    Good morning
    trust you are well. I urgently need help to calibrate my Pix Scan Mat with my Silhouette and struggle now for days is there a possibility that u have one for a Samsung S4 mobile phone please?
    Thank you
    Kind regards


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