Keyboard Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio

Now, you may see this title and think, “I’m not really a keyboard shortcut kind of person.” I will tell you that even if you use one or two, you’ll be saving yourself tons of time and effort. So I highly encourage you to take a look at this list of my favorite keyboard shortcuts and find one or two to try for a while. You may discover you’ve been missing out on a quick and easy thing this whole time! Personally, I can’t imagine life without keyboard shortcuts after using them.

My top favorites I use ALL THE TIME are Group, Duplicate, and Show Crosshairs in addition to the standard Copy, Cut, and Paste. If I’m working in the same work space within Silhouette Studio, I don’t tend to use Copy and Paste near as much because Duplicate does the same thing.

My Favorite Keyboard Shortcuts in Silhouette Studio

Copy                                             Ctrl+C
Cut                                                Ctrl+X
Paste                                            Ctrl+V
Group                                           Ctrl+G
Ungroup                                       Ctrl+Shift+G
Compound Path                       Ctrl+E
Release Compound Path         Ctrl+ Shift+E
Duplicate                                   Ctrl+arrow or Ctrl+D
Mirror                                           Shift+A+arrow
Weld                                            Ctrl+ Shift+W
Show Rulers                                Ctrl+R
Show Crosshairs                      Ctrl+H
Grid Options                               Ctrl+F4
Show Design Page Settings Ctrl+F1
Fill Page                                       Ctrl+ Shift+F

Here’s a complete list of shortcuts for both PC and Mac.

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts?

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Note: I am using Silhouette Studio Business Edition. Therefore, small differences may occur when displaying options, details, and some functionality.

Have a great and successful day!


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