Leader Ready and Branding with Name Badges

Whether you’re hosting an event or meeting customers, it’s always nice to look professional. Something you can do anytime to support your brand is wear a name badge. It’s great for customers and guests to put a name, face, and business together so they’re more likely to remember you and your business. And you can wear it regardless of your clothing or the ever-changing weather.

It’s a short and sweet process online and you can customize it any way you’d like. My favorite is the 2 x 3 inch size with rounded corners and a magnet backing (except with pacemakers) so not to ruin nice clothing and for easy on and off.

It’s an affordable product and free advertising you easily can keep with you in the car, in a bag, or in a purse. You can’t beat that.

I got this plastic set from nametagwizard.com so I could customize it fully. The quality is descent enough for the price. They provided a preview, easy ordering, and rather quick shipping. I’m pleased with these for now and would recommend them.

Plan to get one yourself? Be sure to save, share, and pin it for later.

Have a great and successful day!


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