Organizing Vinyl & Supplies

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all of your supplies? Is it hard to see what you’ve got and what you need? I have found an organizing system that works well for my needs, and it may work for yours, as well.

Let’s start with the organizer for my rolls of vinyl. It holds my HTV, makes it easy to see all of my vinyl, and takes up little space. It can even hang in the closet. I recently upgraded my HTV storage to include two of these organizers and I couldn’t be happier. Plus, it was super affordable, and before I got the second one, it was jam packed and very heavy yet it didn’t rip or anything, though I’m not advocating you do that.

Because I don’t have a closet readily available in my craft room, I decided I wanted a pretty hanger to hold my vinyl organizer. These butterfly holders look so nice mounted to my wall with all of the colorful vinyl organized by color and type and they are long enough for my vinyl rolls.

I used the left one for all of my smooth (regular) HTV, and the right side of it holds the large scraps. The right organizer has all of the metallic, glitter, and holographic HTV with the right side of it holding the large scraps.


Now, let’s look at scraps. It’s taken me a while to catch up on all the scrap organization I needed to do. Using some drawers and containers from around the house, I was able to create a rather organized system so I could easily see if I have any scraps about that size in that color and type available.

I started with some clear containers for those small scraps. To start, the vinyl was sorted into adhesive, smooth HTV, and other HTV. Admittedly, as I used more adhesive vinyl and some being Oracle 631 and 651, that wasn’t working, but all of this was a good start. I still use these containers for very small scraps so they don’t get lost with the bigger ones.


When I quickly outgrew them, I started looking for another solution. I used a scrapbook organizer I had and sorted the vinyl by type, size, etc. What I found from this system is that I had to flip and constantly reach in and pull out. For me, it was more out of sight and therefore out of mind.


So, the search continued. That’s when I asked my husband if he still needed his drawer sets. He decided it was time to clean out the drawers and donate/recycle most of the contents, graciously giving me the drawer sets to help with my vinyl organization struggles. So, in no time, I had organized and sorted all of my vinyl scraps grouping the colors of the smooth HTV much like the hanging organizer so it’s easy for me to know what drawer each color is in. Oh the excitement, joy, and thrill of it all!


With the addition of this system, I finally am able to keep my work space much cleaner because I have somewhere to immediately sort and store my scraps. That is very good for keeping the mind less cluttered, as well. I easily can complete a project and clean my work space before moving on to the next thing.

Other supplies have been much easier to organize. I have some open shelves with some bins strategically placed for upcoming orders, on-hold orders, extra supplies, and such. Then, all of my small supplies are sorted into drawers. Honestly , I’d love to have several of these for all types and colors of vinyl and paper.


It has taken a lot of thought and time to come up with affordable organizing solutions, but it was worth the effort. What is your most favorite piece for organizing?

Happy Crafting!


Be sure to save for later and share with friends. Maybe they could use these organizing tips.


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