Personalized Photograph Ornaments

Take decorating ornaments to the next level. Create personalization that touches the heart. These are perfect for every occasion from weddings and anniversaries to house warmings and birthdays or even for sentimental reminders. Incorporate personal photographs with meaningful messages.

Supplies Needed:

  • Ornament
  • Transparency paper
  • Timer
  • Etching cream
  • Scraper
  • Protective surface such as newspaper or cardboard
  • Wet cloth for emergency wipes
  • Dry cloth for after any emergency wipes
  • Gloves
  • Temporary/indoor adhesive vinyl like Oracle 631
  • Transfer tape
  • Rubbing alcohol and cloth or alcohol pad
  • Stainless steel or plastic spoon
  • Access to a stainless steel sink (not porcelain as it can be etched)
  • Well-ventilated area

Glass Etching Ornament

Note: Etch one side at a time so the cream does not run or spill. Additionally, during rinsing, keep the top of the ornament closed. I recommend taking off the top and covering the opening completely with tape. Water can cause spots and expose the smallest dust particles.

To glass etch your ornament, follow these steps.

Adding the Photograph


  1. Place the transparency paper in your printer. If you are not familiar with how it needs to be positioned, perform some test prints on scrap paper first.
  2. In Silhouette Studio®, create a new project and change the page size to 8.5 in. x 11 in.
  3. Under Design Page Settings on the right, select Show Print Border.
  4. Open the cut file for the exact shape and size of the photo to become and paste it into your current project.
  5. Open your photo in Silhouette Studio®, resize it, and paste it into your current project.
  6. Align and resize the photo and cut file if needed.
  7. Offset the cut file to get a larger cut file.
  8. Move the original cut file off of the mat.
  9. Select the larger cut file and the photograph and from the Modify menu, select Crop.
  10. Align the cropped photo near the print border of the page.
  11. Before printing, ensure your print settings are set to Other Specialty Paper, which should use Normal for the print quality. I tried several different settings, and too much ink can be used with a better or best print quality, so don’t change that.
  12. Print your current project.
  13. Place the transparency paper on the PixScan™ mat, take a straight on photo, and emal it to yourself or use a USB device to transfer the photo to your computer.
  14. From the File menu of Silhouette Studio®, select Open PixScan image and follow the prompts on the right. Don’t worry too much about calibration if you took a rather straight on photo.
  15. Paste the original cut file into your PixScan project.
  16. Align the cut file with the photo so your photo will be cut exactly like you want it.
  17. Cut using the Silhouette CAMEO®.
  18. Roll the transparency and insert it into the ornament where it will then open.
  19. Place the top back on the ornament, and you have a very memorable and personalized ornament.
  20. Add some ribbon for that finishing touch.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Thanks for reading and Happy Crafting!


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