My New App!

CutFiles4U continues to grow and expand with your continued support and community involvement. I’m excited to announce my new app as a result of that! Now you can access my many different outlets all in one place and from the convenient comfort of your phone.














Additionally, I’ve added a Rewards section for all of you who come to trainings. Earn FREE and discounted trainings all the time! Those of you who have already attended training will receive your first Rewards star the next time I see you.


Be sure to tap More for a complete Info section where you’ll find links to all of my social media sites, class registration & requests, how-to steps, and more. Additional sections are also listed so you should never have trouble contacting or finding me.

I look forward to staying connected and keeping you in the know! Download the app today and be sure to share with your friends.



Thanks for reading!


Be sure to leave your comments below. If you found this information helpful, save it and share with others who would benefit, as well.


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