Applying HTV Layers

Ok. You’ve got your design pieces with layering markers cut, weeded, and ready to apply. Now what?

With adhesive vinyl, we work from top to bottom. With HTV, we work bottom to top.

  1. Align all your layers in the proper order to make a complete design only the transfer paper and layering markers are still attached.
  2. Place heat-safe tape such as painter’s tape on the underside of the first layer making sure to align the tape with your layering markers. Then, you have a reference for all other layers for precision alignment every time!
  3. Press item to eliminate any moisture. Crease and press shirts to find the very middle if applying a chest design.
  4. Figure out placement on your item. Take the whole design of stacked layers and place it on the item.
  5. While design is still on item, carefully separate the upper layers and leave the bottom layer.
  6. Trim and throw away the layering marker of current layer without lifting the design off of the item.
  7. Press bottom layer and remove transfer paper.
  8. Repeat steps 4 through 7 until your design is complete.

Congratulations on a design well done!


Thanks for reading!


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