Applying Adhesive Vinyl Layers

Alright. You’ve got your adhesive vinyl layers with layering markers cut, weeded, and ready to apply. How do you line up everything? One layer at a time.

With adhesive vinyl, we work from top to bottom. With HTV, we work bottom to top.

  1. Cut transfer tape large enough to cover your whole design including layering markers.
  2. Place the design’s top layer on a flat surface with the other layers in subsequent order across your flat surface.
  3. Remove the backing from the transfer tape and set aside.
  4. Starting at one side and slowly working across the layer or from middle out, apply the transfer tape to the top layer and press firmly across the layer.
  5. Remove and throw away the vinyl backing. If vinyl is not sticking to transfer tape, press transfer tape to vinyl again and peel backing back very low to the vinyl (bending the backing)
  6. Cover the next design layer with the transfer tape backing (removed from transfer tape) and leave the layering markers exposed.
  7. Align the layering markers of the top layer with the current layer. Keep the design portion lifted up as much as you can, but that’s why the transfer tape backing is covering your current layer.
  8. Once markers are aligned, press firmly.  Lift the top layer and set backing aside to expose full design layer.
  9. Working top to bottom, apply the transfer tape with top design layer to the current layer.
  10. Repeat steps 5 through 9 until the entire design is layered on the transfer tape.
  11. Cut off layering markers and throw them away.
  12. Be sure your item is clean (use alcohol when surface allows for better adhesion) and dry before applying your design.
  13. Figure out reference points for alignment.
  14. Working from one side or from very middle (advised for round surfaces), firmly apply your design.
  15. Working from corner and keeping it very low to design, remove the transfer tape.

Congratulations on applying your complete design!


Thanks for reading!


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